Investments & Funding

Empowering Innovation: The Rise of Self-Funded Web3 Platforms

OpenChrono is crafted from the ground up, driven by the vision, passion and dedication of its founding team, who leverage personal resources to bring their ideas to life.

OpenChrono is currently a self-funded platform and operates independently, free from the pressures of external investors. This financial autonomy empowers creators to prioritise their vision, make strategic decisions at their own pace, and maintain a strong focus on user experience.

Our approach fosters a spirit of innovation and adaptability. The OpenChrono team navigate the challenges of growth, development, and marketing with a keen eye on sustainability. As this platforms grows organically, we hope to foster a closer connection with our community and user base, responding directly to user needs and feedback.

In a digital era where funding rounds and valuations often make headlines, self-funded platforms showcase the power of passion, resourcefulness, and a commitment to delivering value. They embody the entrepreneurial spirit, proving that a well-crafted idea and determination can fuel success without external financial backing. We will always look for ways to include our community in our efforts to fund and expand our network. We are open to listen to proposals for strategic funding from external investors if the values of such parties align with our collective and community vision.

To discuss investment opportunities please feel free to reach out to

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