Our Team

At OpenChrono, we’re watch enthusiasts at heart. We’re inventors, innovators and disruptors, we’re not afraid to find a better way to do things. We believe that if the status quo isn’t working for one, then it isn’t working. We are here to collaborate with existing secondary market vendors and market participants, providing them with a 'market neutral toolset'. We will always look for a better way to add value to our customers community.

Core Team

Kevin Bradford - Founder & CEO (Twitter, Linkedin)

Kevin is the founder of the Web3 startup OpenChrono, an ecosystem for watch lovers to enjoy, buy, sell, store, and collateralise luxury watches.

He was an early proponent of distributed ledger technology but lost faith in several sectors of the industry when it failed to mature beyond speculation and some promising companies suffered from mismanagement. In 2022, he spotted a need only Web3 technology could deliver – the chance to move the luxury watch market on from a similarly immature approach by enhancing legacy secondary market trade practices, using blockchain infrastructure to create a sophisticated, trust-less marketplace that enables owners to explore new approaches like collateralisation to unlock value from their assets.

Prior to founding OpenChrono, Kevin served as a systems engineer in the British Army before leaving in 2008. He spent the next decade delivering critical communications services in hostile environments across the globe for the oil and gas industry starting as a Project Engineer and working his way up to Regional Management (MENA). Seeking a new challenge he turned his back on his Satellite Communications career in late 2019 and went freelance as a Digital Asset Consultant.

Jasper Verbeet - Chief Technical Officer (Linkedin)

Rick Van Melis - Chief Operating Officer (Linkedin)

Graham Forster- Head of Authentication (Linkedin)

Graham is a second generation watchmaker and has worked with watches virtually all his life. Former employment includes:

  • Head Watchmaker for 'eBay Authentication UK'

  • Senior Watchmaker @ ' Xupes

  • Watchmaker @ 'Wempe London

Graham has vast experience working with most major brands, including Patek, Vacheron, Rolex, IWC, Lange and Panerai. He is also Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre accredited.

Emma Davidson - Head of Communications (Linkedin)

Emma, a trained quantitative geneticist with over a decade of experience in SaaS and Tech, specialises in blockchain and AI/ML. She's held senior roles in fast-growing scale-ups like Exinity, eToro, and Peak AI, leading global teams responsible for public relations, public affairs, and strategic content.

Key Contributors

Rasmus Volkov - Customer Marketing (Linkedin)

Rasmus is a seasoned communications and marketing professional, adept at implementing impactful communications and marketing campaigns across international markets. With broad experience across various sectors, he’s built strong relationships with journalists and influencers.

Tobi Richmond - Video & Media Production (Linkedin) Experience includes set flying drones as a CAA and A2coC/GVC registered pilot or installing Mini-Cams to get you in close to the Action - Notable works include RedBull's "Dont Look Down", 2023 F1 Season openers for Mclaren, Haas, Aston Martin and RedBull at Silverstone and Bahrain, Clarksons Farm, Top Gear 2022.

Where are OpenChrono located?

OpenChrono's Head Office is based in Berlin, Germany, but has team members globally in United Kingdom, Netherlands and Estonia.

Is OpenChrono hiring?

OpenChrono is always interested in connecting with passionate and motivated people who are interested in joining us on our Mission. Keep an eye out on our careers page, website & Linkedin profile for open positions.

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