Seller Protection

OpenChrono offers unmatched seller protection. Let's explore the details.

Strict Platform Guidelines

OpenChrono is by design an open & transparent network. Our guidelines and procedures are accurately documented with the intention of community audit and feedback. Due to our transparent nature, it is only possible for assets to be onboarded via the documented standards. A rigorous onboarding process and strong incentive mechanisms ensure that 3rd party experts provide accurate assessments and services.

OpenChrono has set a new standard for high value transactions, providing maximum security, transparency and value to its community.

Insured Delivery

OpenChrono ensures that its logistics partners take full liability for your shipments whilst in transit.

Further details can be found here.

No Come Backs, Chargebacks or Customer Support Followups

Sellers are protected via OpenChrono network design. No longer do sellers need to conduct the lengthy process of documenting a watch, photography, website management etc. Utilising OpenChrono as a sales channel cuts down on all of the friction associated with legacy platforms and provides protection from future 'come backs', exposure to payment fraud and customer service headaches. OpenChrono provides the watch community with a 'market neutral' toolset to conduct sales activity.

Vaulting Standards

OpenChrono does not operate its own vaults. It partners with industry experts in secure storage and logistics. All watches stored in 3rd party vaults are fully insured. Transit too and from the vault is conducted in vehicles which are manned by experienced drivers and highly-trained professional guards. Vehicles are fitted with state-of-the art security systems and tracking devices, ensuring movements are under constant surveillance.

Payment via the Escrow Service

OpenChrono provides its users with multiple payment options. We have produced an article to outline the advantages with each option. You should never be put in the position where you have to engage in high value transactions with an unknown party, either face to face or virtually. OpenChrono protects its users via the platform's secure payment methods. See details of payment methods here.

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