Redeem A Watch

You're now ready to redeem your watch from our secure vault. OpenChrono makes the redemption process easy.

Shipping info & pricing can be found via this link.

Redemption Processing Times

Please allow 24-48 business hours for your redemption to be processed. Once your redemption ships out, it will typically arrive within 3-5 business days for uninsured items. Insured items are generally next-day air.

Redemption Packaging

All redemptions shipped out from OpenChrono partner vaults feature:

  • Secure and discrete packaging in new boxes only

  • Bubble wrap inside and around original watch box, taped securely

  • Original box is placed into larger corrugated box

  • Box is taped securely twice with tamper proof tape (when possible)

Frequently asked questions :

How can I redeem the physical asset associated with my 'digital twin'?

You can redeem the physical asset at any time. To start the process, please fill out and submit all required information via the appropriate link below. Redeem a Watch : After submitting, you will need to go through our KYC process and pay for shipping and taxes. The digital twin will be put in escrow until the item gets delivered to your address. Once the item is delivered, the digital twin is put into a 'soul-bound' state.

All redeemed assets are shipped via a trusted carrier and fully insured in transit. We will provide a cost estimation for shipping and redemption taxes with an invoice prior to executing the redemption.

Can I redeem both my physical watch and the "digital twin"?

No. As long as a user keeps the digital twin, OpenChrono will maintain custody of the physical asset in a secure vault. This is to ensure that the digital twin is backed by a physical asset. If a user decides to receive the physical asset, we will burn the corresponding digital twin.

To which countries will you be able to ship the physical items?

Our secure storage partner Malca-Amit is globally active and has delivery partners in the majority of countries. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding the ability to ship to your country and location.

Do I need to pay fees when redeeming the physical asset?

Users who wish to redeem their physical asset will have to pay a shipping fee as well as custom fees and/or sales taxes depending on their country of residence.

Import Taxes

Customers outside of the UK are required to pay customs & import taxes in line with your individual countries import taxation laws. Please consult local authorities for accurate information

How quickly can I get my physical asset when I redeem?

This will depend on your shipping location. Packages in the United Kingdom will generally arrive within 3-5 business days of invoice processing, while shipping outside of the UK may take longer depending on general shipping timelines to your country. If receiving your package as quickly as possible is important to you, please let us know and we can provide priority shipping for an extra charge or do our best to expedite.

Once you have redeemed your watch, we will provide shipment tracking information to you so your package is visible every step of the way.

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